West Alvington Parish Council
Traffic in West Alvington village

There is evidence of mounting local concern about traffic speeds and congestion on the main A381 road through the village

Our Devon County Councillor R. Gilbert reported at our March meeting that the A381 through our village might soon be reclassified from being an A road to a B road and consequent signage changes made by Devon County.

TRAFFIC SURVEY. D.C.Cllr R. Gilbert arranged for a speed survey to be conducted in late 2018 by Devon Highways. This in conjunction with the Parish Council and Paul O'Dwyer Community Police Officer and
West Alvington Traffic Action Group (WATAG) 

DEVON COUNTY HIGHWAYS only look at average speed. The Parish Council felt this was a meaningless statistic (particularly in West Alvington) and obtained details of the actual data. In spite of concern expressed by some as to the location of the survey, the result shows that there is worrying evidence of frequent and consistent speeding entering and leaving the village.

Paul O'Dwyer is working jointly with West Alvington Traffic Action Group exploring ways to deal with village traffic concerns.

Please contact Peter Everitt at School Cottage or Andrew Pascoe at Horseman's Close. Paul's email is paul.o'dwyer@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

West Alvington Academy Pupils
(ie: the Primary School) have recently produced posters which the Parish Council have paid to have enlarged and asked WATAG if they can arrange for them to be displayed. Thanks to all at the School for assisting and especially the talented young artists.

Gilly (for WAPC)  with  Adam    -    Kiya     -     Ruby     -     Evie      -      Rowan

The whole class who did posters for us. Many thanks to all. (Five were selected)

The selected posters will, we hope, be displayed in the village

Photos of posters enlarged below unfortunately look a bit yellow. Sorry to all  - that's due to our bad photographs and not the artists posters!



We hope to have a traffic item on our Agenda for monthly meetings so that traffic news and ideas for improvements can be aired and shared.

Please do come to Parish Council meetings.