West Alvington Parish Council
Parish Council Meeting Thurs 2nd April 2019

Village Hall at 7.00 pm

Agenda will be announced here and on Parish Council Noticeboard(s) approx 7 days prior to the meeting

Items likely to include

County Councillors and District Councillor's and Police reports

Traffic Action Group news and updates and possibility of VAS sign(s)

report on results of investigations into availability of s 106 funds

Possible suggested use of website to display parishioners 'small ads'

Natural Devon 'Year of Green Action 2019' 

Any available news of the proposed plan for Malborough to Kingsbridge Path

Any planning applications received as consultee

Any dog fouling reports - footpath issues - car park surfacing

. . . . . .

Past - for reference only


1. Apologies for absence

2. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

3. Appointment of Reps to take instructions at meetings and report back to next meeting
     (a) either PC or external reps
Neighbourhood Plan (2 needed) – Police – School – Footpaths
              TAG liason - Gullys
     (b)  PC reps   
2 needed to assist with planning applications. 1 or 2 to assist with S 106 money

4. Chairman's Annual Report

5. Date of next AGM

                                               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

6. County Councillor Report                                                                        (R.Gilbert)

7. District Councillor(s) Report                                                                   (T.B.A.)

8. Police Report                                                                                             (JP)

9. Chairman's Update

Play area fencing – 106 funds/quotes - Parish P.C.                                        (Clerk/Chair)

10. Declaration of Interests whether personal or pecuniary stating the interest (All)

11. Village Defibrillator Update                                                                     (DA / Clerk)

12. West Alvington roads traffic and footpaths

(a) T.A.G. Update (TAG/All)

(c) Crossing patrol (Clerk/Chair)

(d) Fouling - Gully clearing update (Clerk)

13. Joint Neighbourhood Plan

(a) Report on Steering Group meeting (GR/JW/)
(b) Report of focus group representatives

14. Planning

(a) 1159/19/FUL – Conversion of stables at Auton Court to single dwellinghouse (All)

(b) Updates on previous applications

15. Approve minutes of previous meetings                                                  (All)

16. Financial Report                                                                                        (Clerk)

17. Items for next/future meeting                                                                   (All)

Reports from Reps and any action needed

18. Open forum Up to 15 minutes for public to raise items

19. Time/Date/place of next meeting                                                            

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Click here for Notice of Annual Parish Meeting

Click here for Agenda of the Parish Council AGM and May 2019 meeting

Agenda for Meeting Thurs April 4th 2019

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1Apologies for absence

2.  Open forum    Up to 15 minutes for public to raise non agenda items 

3.  County Councillor's Report                                                     (R.Gilbert)

4.  District Councillor's Report                                   (S. Wright and/or J. Pearce)

5.  Chairman's Update

 Play area fencing and SHDC report – 106 funds                    (Clerk/Chair)
           Parish Notice Boards                                                               Ditto
           School road sign absence                                                       Chair
 General Updates                                                                      Ditto

6.  Police Report                                                                              (POD)            

7.  Declaration of Interests whether personal or pecuniary stating the interest                                                                                                  (All)

8.  Village Defibrillator  Update                                                          (DA / Clerk)

9.  Website  Updated WI and Pub details plus Footpaths / Planning pages  (GR) 
10. West Alvington roads traffic and footpaths

    (a)  T.A.G. Update                                                                          (TAG/All)
    (b)  Children's speed warning posters                                           (TAG)
    (c)  Crossing patrol                                                                        (Clerk/Chair)
Fouling update                                                                        (Clerk/Chair)
    (e)  Gully clearing update                                                               (Clerk)
    (f)   Hedge cutting update                                                              (Clerk)

11.  Joint Neighbourhood Plan

    (a)  Report on recent meeting for reps on focus groups                 (GR/JW/)
    (b)  (No Steering Group meeting this month)                       

12. Planning

 (a)   0447/19/HHO – Extension/garage conversion Stonewells  Woolston (All)
 (b)   Updates on previous applications

13.  Approve minutes of last meeting                                                     (All)

15.  Financial Report                                                                                (Clerk)

16.  Items for next/future meeting                                                            (All)

       (Election of new Parish Council and Chairman)
       (Appointment of Parish Rep(s) and /or Liaison Reps)

17.  Decide Date/place of next meeting                                                  (All)

     (Possibly 9th May at Village Hall or 2nd May at Thorn Barn)


Agenda for Thurs 7th March 2019

1. Apologies for absence

2. Open forum
Up to 15 minutes for public to raise non agenda items

3. County Councillor's Report                                          (R.Gilbert)

4. District Councillor's Report                 (S. Wright and/or J. Pearce)

5. Chairman's Update

     Outstanding matters                                                            (Chair)

     Election of Parish Councillors - procedure                           Ditto

       Code of conduct / Standing Orders                                     Ditto

6. Police Report
(may now or in future be on line?)               (POD)

7. Declaration of Interests whether personal or pecuniary stating the interest                                                                                       (All)

8. Village Defibrillator
Cost? Location?                                  (DA / Chair)

9. Website Purpose? Community/Parish? Administrator? Cost?

Events (Church,Coffee mornings,WI,V.Hall,TAG, Pub, etc ??)     (All)

10. West Alvington roads traffic and footpaths

(a) T.A.G. Update / ideas/ suggestions                                   (TAG/All)

(b) Children's speed warning posters                                     (Chair/TAG)

(c) Fouling by dogs below Longfields                                      (Chair)

(d) Gully clearings                                                                   (Chair)

11. Joint Neighbourhood Plan

(a) Report on presentation of Richard Benton                        (Chair)

(b) Posters - Questionnaires - Responses                              (GR/JW)

(c) Discussion/focus groups ( viability in WA / venue )            (GR/JW)

(d) Update following recent Steering Group meeting              (GR/JW)

12. Planning

Acquisition of 'Landscapes for Life' booklet re South Devon AONB         (Chair)

(a) New Planning Applications - None

(b) Updates
Gerston Coach House – application withdrawn

Gerston Point WO42/19/FUL – inspection and PC decision (All/DA/GR)

13. Approve minutes of last meeting                                       (All)

15. Financial Report                                                                 (Clerk)

16. Items for next/future meeting                                              (All)

Computer / Projector
SHDC planning going 'on line'. Do we need one for meetings / Clerk? Funding?                                                                                                 (All)

Play area fencing repair/renewal
(use of s106 funds)                                                                                 (

17. Decide date of next meeting